Oompie Ka Doompie is a hybrid animated journey to 1970s Johannesburg. Mandy McIntosh uses 2 and 3D animation combined with video to examine the visual detail of her family’s experiences as white immigrants during Apartheid. The work skilfully blends materials in a way which underlines the separateness of black and white life, the naivety of the family and what they brought back to Scotland when they eventually left. At the heart of the film is the relationship between two little white girls and Selina, the black woman who cared for them in the daytime, when their mother and father were out at work.

Writer/Director/Animator: Mandy McIntosh
Producer: Ham and Enos
Executive Procuder: Barbara Orton
Composer: Zeena Parkins
Assistant Animator: Ronald Menzies
Titles: Frozen River
Editor: On-line edit, Edit 123
Dub: Kahl Henderson, Savalas
Harps: Zeena Parkins
Keyboards: Jim Pugilese
Percussion: Mat Welsch
Bagpipes: David Watson
Turntables: Christian Marclay
Mandy McIntosh
Neil McIntosh
Paula McIntosh

Funded by: Scottish Screen Lottery Funded, Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow Film Office
with thanks to Julia Caithness and Becky Loyd for Scottish Screen
"Ipi Tombi" (Bertha Egnos/Gail Lakier)
Gallo Africa Ltd (c) 1994


Stills from Film

Paisley Museum Screening and Exhibition 07

Essay by Jason E Bowman


Oompie ka Doompie has been screened most recently at BritDoc 07, at Glasgow Film Theatre, Dundee Contemporary Artspace, Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow, Stills Gallery Edinburgh, Ediburgh College of Art, and at Basel Art Fair. With thanks to Rosie at Magic Lantern.

To request a screening copy contact mandy at hamandenos.com